Breathable Car Covers

A car that is covered in tree sap doesn`t look very attractive and if the sap if left too long it will be extremely hard to remove. How do you protect your car from overhanging trees then and keep their bodywork free from the effect of sap? If you have to park your car under a tree then Breathable Car Covers can prove to be extremely useful. The Breathable Car Covers are brilliant at protecting cars from the outside elements and they can help to keep your car`s bodywork in pristine condition. You might have a cherished car that you only use for the weekends and want to keep it under cover for most of the week? Place one of the Breathable Car Covers over your car`s bodywork and it will stop the sun, wind and rain from getting to your prized vehicle. Made from polypropylene materials the Breathable Car Covers are easy to fit so you can slip one over your car in an instance. The sun won`t be able to damage your paintwork anymore when one of the Breathable Car Covers is in place. Tree sap will be sent packing as the Breathable Car Covers prevent it from hitting your car. Robust Breathable Car Covers are completely water resistant so they won`t be bothered by the rain. Furthermore, because the covers breathe condensation doesn`t form, so mould can`t begin to form. Keep your car under wraps and make sure both the interior and exterior are protected by fitting one of the Breathable Car Covers to its exterior.

Pickup Hardtops

The pickup truck has been the backbone of American motoring for many years and you`ll see plenty of these trucks on the US highways. Here in the UK pickup trucks have become increasingly popular and they can make great working tools. A pickup truck is a rugged type of vehicle that has on open flatbed to the rear of the truck. This leaves the vehicle open to the elements and any tools left in the bed of the truck could also be stolen. This problem has been addressed by the introduction of Pickup Hardtops which fit snugly into position over the truck`s bed. Aftermarket Pickup Hardtops can be purchased for all makes of pickup trucks and this in turn transforms them into a type of van. The Pickup Hardtops can be fitted when you like, or removed if you just want to use the truck as a pickup. That`s the beauty of the modern types of Pickup Hardtops , they allow you to have versatility when you like. If you want to give your pickup a new hardtop there are plenty of suppliers available online. Fine features included as standard on the Pickup Hardtops include dark tinted glass on the glazed sections and a useful third brake light. Many come with an interior light as standard and the hardtops can be colour coordinated to match the paint on your vehicle. It`s not just Americans who like to drive pickup trucks because there are many on the roads of the UK at the moment and plenty of these are blessed by having Pickup Hardtops fitted to them.

Truckman Hardtops

The Truckman Classic Top has been Truckman's signature product for over 20 years. Over this time, the styling has changed with the vehicles, but the core values have remained the same...Space, Strength and Security. No other hardtop offers these three in such abundance. The Truckman Classic Top is legendary and not without reason. Its construction is unrivalled, with steel reinforcements, insulation and the strongest rear door of any hardtop in the world. A favourite with utility companies and rescue services, the Truckman Classic Top is tried and tested in the harshest environments. Available for almost every pickup, the Truckman Classic Top is the perfect choice for every working pick-up.We can also supply you with the most commonly required truckman spares.


All Carryboy canopies are aerodynamically designed and ideal for commercial use or passenger loading purpose. A hand lay process has been developed within carryboys production system, and rigid quality control is effected throughout the carryboy manufacturing process. Carryboy canopies are available for most Japanese and American pickups. Carryboy markets five additional brand names of fiberglass pickup canopies and have recently overhauled the quality of all hardtops. If you require carryboy spares thay are all listed below.

Mountain Top Chequer plate Tonneau Covers

Mountain Top Chequer plate Tonneau Covers are a very versatile way to secure the loaded bed area of your pickup. The Mountain Top Tonneau is available for all modern pickups including Nissan Navara, Mitsubishi L200 and Ford Ranger / Mazda Pickups. You can even use Mountain Top Tonneaus as a working platform. The Mountain top covers can also be easily removed if you need to carry a large load. Whilst the mountain top is one of the toughest tonneau covers available occasionally mountain top spares will be required and you can find them here.

Caravan Covers

Modern Caravan Covers are soft polyproplene material which won't scratch the windows or paintwork of you caravan. The material is water resistant but not 100% waterproof due to its breathable nature. The breathability of the Caravan Cover allows moisture and damp to escape. A fully waterproof caravan cover can actually cause over winter dampness problems by trapping damp and condensation inside the caravan cover without means of escape. Good caravan covers have fixing straps under the caravan which makes the caravan cover secure in all weathers and there is a side zip for easy access. The Caravan Covers we stock are 4PLY, Non woven polypropylene, water resistant made in breathable material with adequate fixing straps and a side zip to allow access. Similar covers are also Available as Motor Home Covers.

Parking Sensors

Parking Sensors will detect obstacles such as people or trees behind you to aid your parking and enable you to get into those tight spots without damaging your car. Using Ultrasonic technology parking sensors emit a cone of sound behind your car which bounces of obstables behind and returns to the Parking sensor, the time taken for these sound waves to bounce and return off obstructions behind your car is how parking sensors calculate the distance to the obstacle behind you. This is the same technology that you will be familar with having seen fitted as OEM equipment on cars from new, however parking sensors fitted from new are charged at several hundred pounds.

Loadliners , bedliners or load liner?
There are many names Loadliners , bedliners or load liner bed cover. Composed of high density polyethylene Bedliners are strong and flexible. The ribbed floor design is the best way of protecting the bed of a pick-up from dents and scratches through dispersing the impact of heavy objects. These load liners are thicker than most on the market and provide resistance to chemicals ensuring that any cargo is transportable. They allow air to flow underneath preventing moisture from being collected and therefore prevent your pickup bed from rusting. We offer a lifetime guarantee on this Bedliner as this is a tough and durable product designed to meet your requirements and take all the knocks over the life of your pickup vehicle. You can have a Carpet Liner or a Plastic Liner or an Aluminium liner Why do I need a bed liner? A bed liner is a fundamental 4x4 accessory to your pick-up. Over the truck’s lifetime the dents and scratches will be made to the pick-up bed by the goods you transport. Purchasing a pick-up bed liner is the best way of avoiding this problem as any damage caused by the movement of goods is absorbed by the bed liner, not the pick-up bed. How do ‘physical’ bed liners compare to ‘spray on’ bed liners? A spray on bed liner is designed to maintain the look of fresh paint, protects the bed from scratches and eliminates the issue of water getting under the liner. However the bed itself is still susceptible to damage meaning that it may stay painted but will look battered and worn from the knocks it receives. A physical bed liner absorbs the damage ensuring your bed stays safe and with channelling grooves and good design also eliminate the issue of water pooling under the liner. Tough objects may scuff the finish of a spray on pick-up bed liner reducing its effectiveness and ruining the bed’s look, but even with scratches a physical bed liner stays effective. If your loadliner has received great wear you can replace it. You couldn’t replace the pick-up bed. With a lower price and a greater functionality a physical loadliner is the better choice.

Alpha canopy hardtop

Alpha canopies are strong reliable, durable and extremely stylish. A deep lustre DuPont paint finish gives an excellent finish and is used by many vehicle manufacturers. As well as their attractive design, Alpha tops have many practical features. The fitted clamping system means that the Alpha canopy can be fitted without drilling the vehicle and allows for simple installation and removal when required. The Alpha Hardtop rear door has a reinforced frame, a modern style handle lock and a stainless steel wing lock system. No other canopy manufacturer offers these unique patented features. The available options make Alpha canopies a versatile choice. Twin gas rams ensure a smooth operation of the Alpha lockable tailgate and the closing has a quality sound and feel associated with expensive cars. Alpha have a reputation for quality and continually develop and improve design and production processes to ensure the end-user excellent service. Tops are sold worldwide and fit many models such as Nissan Navara, Mitsubishi L200, Ford Ranger, Mazda BT50 and Isuzu Rodeo. Look out for Alpha GTE , Alpha GSE and new Alpha SUT2

A hardtop is the name given to a shaped hard cover to give a solid roof to a vehicle. Hardtops are available for cabriolets, convertibles and pickup trucks. They are then refered to as a sports car hardtop or a pickup hardtop. The hardtop for the back of a pick-up is also known as Cap, Canopy , Trucktop or Truckman Top. Hardtops Can be manufactured from Fibreglass, Aluminium, Steel or ABS Plastic.

Thule designs Roof Bar systems for most of the worlds car manufacturers. Thule have been producing Thule roof bars and roof carrying equipment such as Top Boxes for years. They will fit your vehicle perfectly, without leaving scratches and marks. The Thule Roof Bars are very secure for your safety and the safety of other road users. The Thule Roof Bar system is modular; it is easy to assemble and with luck, you will be able to re-use most of the components when you change your car. Many are available with a locking facility to prevent theft of your Thule roof bars.

Car,Pickup and Van Seat Covers
Our vehicle seat covers will protect your car, van, 4x4, minibus or tractor seats for many years. Our seat covers are the perfect protection in all domestic, industrial and agricultural environments. Our seat covers are resistant to almost any dirty, soggy, sticky or muddy situation. Our seat covers are made from the best waterproof, tough, heavy duty materials. Great care has been taken in the selection of materials and all our seat covers are manufactured by certified factories to guarantee consistently high quality and give years of service. We have a full range of car and van seat covers available. Our product range includes Tailored seat covers for many different commercial vehicles and 4 X 4's as well as Universal Fit seat covers for most cars, vans, trucks and tractors. If in doubt contact us for the best possible advice on protecting the interior of your vehicle with hard wearing seat covers.

Founded in 1969 Maypole Limited is a leading maufacturer and distributor of high quality products
for all aspects of towing and touring. They supply us with Maypole caravan security products. Maypole Caravan Covers and a range of Maypole car covers and other usefull Maypole accessories such as LED Lights and Lanterns.

BedRug is a soft liner that has the capability to turn your truck bed into a trunk protecting both truck bed and cargo. Even though it is carpet the BedRug can still be used for "heavy use" such as carrying dirt because it is very easy to clean afterwards. The BedRug is made out of the same material as a hard plastic drop in liner, but looks and feels like a carpet. BedRug is made of closed-cell foam and has a stain-resistant plastic fiber surface which will not absorb water and is easy to clean. The BedRug is very easy to install, with an exact fit and fills in the ribs of the truck bed for a smooth "knee" friendly surface. The BedRug does it all and with more style than any other plastic bed liner. BedRug is a tough protection for any truck bed and the cargo you carry. BedRug is available for Nissan Navara, Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux and Mitsubishi L200.

Van Seat Covers

For most van drivers their van is their workhorse and it can endure quite a hard life during its time on the road. Over a period of time certain parts of the van will begin to show signs of wear and tear and the van seats are just typical examples of the areas that will be prone to excessive wear. You can protect the seats inside your van with good quality Van Seat Covers and if you install Van Seat Covers when you first get your new van they will prevent the seats from wearing unduly. Van drivers know that their vans work hard and the interiors can become a little untidy at times. Spillages on the seats and the effects of dirt and grime can make the seats look far from appealing. However, with a full set of Van Seat Covers fitted to the van seats they can be kept looking great at all times. The Van Seat Covers are made from nylon fabric and they are extremely durable and capable of withstanding all types of spills. Should grease or grime get onto the Van Seat Covers the van drivers will find they can be simply wiped clean. Different sets of van covers are made specifically for certain makes of van so if you have a Ford Transit or a Mercedes Sprinter the van seat covers will fit precisely. What`s more, because they are so hard wearing the Van Seat Covers represent excellent value for money because they will last for a very long time.

Stainless Steel Roofracks

Stainless Steel Roofracks are perhaps the most common van roof racks used today. This is because of resistance this material [stainless steel] has when it comes to corrosion. However, other materials are used, such as hard and durable plastic, to make roof racks. Stainless Steel Roofracks are still preferred by some car accessory manufacturers. You can actually choose which type of roof rack you want. If your van or car has a plastic roof rack, you can opt for a stainless steel one. Likewise, there are many people out there who prefer Stainless Steel Roofracks. You can order Stainless Steel Roofracks from a car accessory provider. You can search online for such providers. You can also choose a roof rack you fancy, and place your order there.

Van Security Locks

Van Security Locks for part of the van accessories industry. There are many companies that deal in providing Van Security Locks. Every van needs a van security lock, and so, there is a huge market for this industry to cater to. Van Security Locks are of different kinds. You can search for a variety of Van Security Locks online, and you will find many that will suit your purpose. Today`s Van Security Locks comes in great finishes, and suppliers pride themselves on supplying you the very best they have. You can place your order online, and you will have your van security lock delivered to you in a specified time.

Van Accessories

Van Accessories are indeed of many kinds. You can Van Accessories that are small and large. Your search for Van Accessories will depend on what your need is. One of the most commonly searched for Van Accessories includes roof racks. You can obtain a variety of roof racks from accessory providers. You can search stores that are near you or you can search online. You are likely to find a wide variety of accessories available online. You might also obtain your accessories for lower prices online as online stores try to boost their sales by lowering their prices.

Van Roofracks

Van Roofracks are handy when you have a lot of items to transport from one place to another. People also use Van Roofracks regularly if they are frequent travellers. When you go on holiday too, Van Roofracks can help you manage a lot of extra stuff. Van Roofracks can help you to deal with items that are bulky and cannot fit in your car. For people who wish to take a small light boat along with them or camping equipment that is bulky, Van Roofracks are of great help. You can find a number of cars today that have Van Roofracks as a key feature.